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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Operations

Fall 2020 Instructions FAQ

Fall 2020 will begin as specified in the academic calendar on Sunday, August 16, 2020 and students will resume their classes through distance learning mode without attending classes on campus. The academic calendar will not change.
  • The implementation of the distance learning mode will continue until the end of the third stage (currently, until end of August 2020) and no students will be requested to attend classes before the end of the third stage and the successful start of the fourth stage.
  • The classes will continue in the distance learning mode until the start of the fourth stage (currently, September 1 2020). The university will announce, in the second half of August, the detailed steps of the gradual transition from distance learning to the traditional learning method, which is expected to take place after the successful start of the fourth stage of the gradual lifting of restrictions of the State of Qatar plan.
  • If we successfully moved into the fourth stage according to the State of Qatar plan and the university decides to move to on campus teaching, the decision will be applied to all students who will be required to attend their classes on campus. Students who fall in “most at risk” category as decided by state of Qatar will be exempted from this decision.
The procedures set by the State of Qatar will be applied and if additional procedures are introduced, they will be announced in due time. For more information, please visit the Government Communication Office website for the latest travel updates.
There will be no exceptions and all university policies and procedures related to students and the teaching/learning processes will be implemented in its regular format.
Yes, the attendance and absence policy will be applied in the distance learning period. Students are required to attend online-classes.
All institutional policies and procedures related to the GPA such as financial aid, student employment, and other services will be implemented in its regular format.
The new student’s case will be submitted to the Admissions Committee to consider their application for fall 2020 and they will be answered by the end of July 2020.

Categories exempted from on campus attendance of classes

The exception includes the categories who are most at risk of the disease and its complications (chronic diseases and pregnant women). The exemption will remain valid until the State declares their possible return and any related procedures.
If the student is among those ex exempted categories, s/he must submit official certificate from the appropriate entities proving her/his health status to the Vice President for Student Affairs, where they are evaluated and the appropriate decision will be taken. Students will be informed of the procedures and the method to apply to be exempted later in due time.
  • Students in this category are exempted from attending classes on campus.
  • Course instructor will provide the course material on the course’s Blackboard page in order for the student to access the lectures.
  • It is the student's responsibility to compensate for the classes s/he is absent from.
  • This category of students may have different methodologies of assessment determined by the course instructor.
  • Some assessments may require the student to visit the campus, and it will be his/her responsibility to take all appropriate precautions.
If the student of those categories decides to attend the classes on campus, the university will relinquish its responsibility if any symptoms or complications that s/he may experience because of violating the procedures of the gradual lift of the restrictions or if s/he does not disclose her/his health status.

Procedures to apply for available services

For printed textbooks, students will be informed of the dates of the distribution according to the colleges, with the appropriate procedures to be followed before visiting the University Textbook Section. The textbooks distribution period will last for two to three weeks. Students will be allowed entry from one gate to ensure that preventive measures are followed. In the hall, social distancing will be enforced. The steps to apply for e-books will be announced, and students do not have to visit the campus. For more information, students can visit the website or email .
The student can apply for the campus card by following the steps on the university campus card website. The student may authorize another person to receive the card on her/his behalf by sending an email provided that the authorized person present the student's personal Qatari ID. For more information, the student can contact the section via
There will be no need for the student to come to campus in person. The student can upload all required documents electronically via the financial aid online request on the self-service system (Banner). The student can check the required documents on the financial aid website or contact the section through email.
If the student wishes to apply for this certificate for internal use, the certificate is requested through the self-service system (Banner) by following the steps of applying for this certificate, where the requested certificate will be sent to the student's email immediately. If this student applies for this certificate, for external use, he/she should submit the request through Banner. The certificate will be issued within 48 working hours. The student will then be contacted by the Registration Section to come to campus to receive the certificate, or to authorize someone on her/his behalf to receive it after sending an email (from her/his university account) stating the name and ID number of the authorized person.
The student can choose the type of document and how to apply for it through the website. Once the request is submitted, the required documents will be sent to the student's email.
If the student wishes to receive the original printed copy, a date will be set to receive the documents in person. The student can authorize another person to receive it on her/his behalf after sending an email (from her/his university account) stating the name and ID number of the authorized person.
If the student is not currently in Qatar, the application will be submitted through the website and through an e-mail to the Student Records Section, stating the student's mailbox address abroad, where the Student Records Section will send the documents to the address specified in the application.
As usual, graduate students of this year will be contacted in due time, and will be provided with all the details related to the graduation ceremony, including the precautionary and preventive measures to be followed.
The student can apply for the gate pass service at Qatar University (Maraheb) by submitting an online application for the Maraheb service on the myQU Portal. The student must come in person to deliver the documents and receive the Maraheb sticker. The student may be excluded from attending personally in some special cases and allow the authorization on her/his behalf after sending an e-mail (from her/his university account) stating the name and ID number of the authorized person.
  • For male students: H13 Multi-Story Building- Male Car Parking
  • For female students: D04 Female Food Court Building (Formerly Al Rayyan Bank)

QU Library

Qatar University Library is currently closed for students until further notice. The Library will continue to support the users’ research and study needs through the following:
All borrowed books will be automatically renewed until further notice, and no fines or penalties will apply during this time.

Technology Support

Please contact the student hotline number 44034499 from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.
Staff and Faculty can contact ITS support through the hotline 44033399 from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.
You can also contact the ITS Help Desk via email at 
You can reset your password through the self service password management service ( If you have questions or need further information, please contact the ITS Help Desk via email at , via phone at +974 4403-3456
You can search for the contact information you need through QU online directory by searching for the employee name, section or job title. You can also contact QU call center through 44033333 from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday.


Submission for the early conditional admission application has been postponed until further notice. New dates will be announced on the University's website. For further information, please visit the Qatar University Admission Website.
Please note that early conditional admission is eligible for all Qatari citizens, or applicants following the Qatari parent rule, or Qatari Travel Document holders, or wives of Qatari men, who meet the required results, whether for students who are still on school seats or for students who have already completed high school. The admission rate starts from 85%. You can view all the conditions and requirements for early admission on the University's Website.
In the event that the student is not eligible to apply for early conditional admission, he/she will still have the opportunity to apply for admission to Qatar University within admission designated dates.
Please read QU’s admission relevant information on the following links:

International Students Applying for QU’s Admission
To apply for admission to Qatar University, please check the important dates for international students to submit applications for undergraduate admission in Fall 2020. For more information, please visit the following websites:

Upgrading and updating the self-service system (Banner) and activating the system of distance learning

The University has recently upgraded the self-service system (mybanner) to the Banner 9 Version. During this stage, students or faculty members may encounter some technical problems to access the electronic services of the system. Accordingly, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) e-mail:  or call: 44033456.

The university has also activated the distance learning tools and applications in order to resume distance learning for all QU students at the present time within the frame of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of (Covid-19). Should you have any questions, please contact the (ITS) via: e-mail  Or call: 44034499 for students or 44033399 for staff and faculty.

Dates of withdrawal from a course or a semester

Qatar university has extended deadlines of withdrawal from a course or a semester (Spring 2020). Please visit the Registration Important Dates Webpage or send an email to: 

Dropping a course using the Self-Service System (Banner)

In the event that you encounter any technical problem to drop a course via the self-service system (mybanner), please contact the Registration Department via email:

Dropping of courses less than the designated academic load

Students are not allowed to register less than 12 credit hours in a given semester unless the student is on academic probation. Therefore, he/she is allowed to register a maximum of 6 credit hours in the semester. For more information, please visit the website or email us at: 

Requesting student documents and receiving mechanism

Given the current situation and the preventive precautionary measures against the Coronavirus (COVID 19), it has been decided to suspend the following services until further notice: 

  • Grades transcript requests
  • Graduation certificates requests
  • All kinds of (To Whom It May Concern) letters

Any new procedures in this regard will be announced on the University's Website and students' email.

Conflict of Final Examinations

In the event of a conflict in the dates of the final examinations (three exams on the same day or two exams on the same day and time), please fill out the Exam Conflict Form and send it by e-mail to: 

Student Employees will continue to get paid for the working hours entered before the suspension of the program. Only those with permission to continue working after the suspension whether on campus or remotely will be able to enter their working hours through the system.

Employee and Workforce

Qatar University implements the decisions issued by the the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, to increase the percentage of employees in the workplace to 50% of the total number of employees, in order to commence the second phase of the plan to gradually lift the restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The rest of the employees should carry out the tasks assigned to them remotely. The decision will be effective as of 1 July 2020, while consider the following:
  • Employees who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women, and the elderly over the age of 60 years should continue to work remotely.
  • Direct supervisor will select and notify the employees returning to work in each Department/College, and coordinate with the Human Resources Department, while adhering to the specific percentage of employees allowed in the workplace (50%).

In addition and based on the Cabinet’s decision issued on Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 “to reduce the number of employees present at the workplace of government agencies to 20% of the total number of employees to complete the necessary work for the functioning and regularity of public facilities, while 80% of employees will work remotely from their homes or upon request, depending on the circumstances, as of Sunday, 22/3/2020 for a period of two weeks, during which the situation will be evaluated to take the necessary decision. The military, security and health sectors are excluded from this decision” and the successful trial of remote work, Qatar University will implement the Cabinet’s decision, starting from Monday, 23 March, 2020. The various sectors in the university will take charge of arranging this among its employees in order to ensure the continuity of work and the completion of required tasks.

All employees mentioned in the categories above are expected to remotely perform the tasks assigned to them by their direct supervisor. The HR Department issued a circular with a respective form attached thereto by which the direct supervisor can identify the authority and the service that an employee needs to remotely do the work assigned to him/her. Therefore, the employee has all the support and tools needed to perform the assigned tasks.
Each employee at Qatar University is important and has an essential part in the organization. However, in these circumstances some tasks could be done remotely by the employees and some can be postponed without any major effect to the daily workflow. On the other hand, there are tasks that are time sensitive and may affect all employees such as the payroll and the IT services, which if disrupted, other business will suffer. This is why each sector is responsible to take charge of arranging this among its employees in order to ensure the continuity of work and the completion of required tasks.
If an employee is advised to self -isolation he/she must report that to his/ her direct supervisor.
Attendance monitoring is the responsibility of the direct supervisor until further notice as stated by a circular issued by the office of the VP for Administration and Financial Affairs on 10 March 2020 about the suspension of the biometric fingerprint system.

Events and Meetings

According to Qatar University’s precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), all QU events on and off campus are suspended until further notice. Qatar University urge its entire academic and administration staff to conduct their meetings using online platforms provided by the university.


Qatar University is taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and therefore minimizing visitors’ numbers in campus. If you have a meeting, we urge you to use online platforms or conduct the meeting via the phone.
No, currently the campus tours are closed until further notice.


Kindly refer to the Ministry of Public Health through this link. In case you or a member of your family recently visited any country in which an outbreak of coronavirus was reported and symptoms of respiratory infection appeared on you, please contact immediately the MOPH hotline: 16000.
Kindly refer to the Ministry of Public Health in this link. In case you or a member of your family recently visited any country in which an outbreak of coronavirus was reported and symptoms of respiratory infection appeared on you, please contact immediately the MOPH hotline: 16000.
As per the guidance of the state of Qatar, we advise our students abroad to follow the precautionary measures set by their host country and by the World Health Organization. In addition, we urge all international students to contact Qatar Embassy and register their information with them. For queries please contact: 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters